I broke up with my boyfriend about 4 months ago and he started dating this girl I can't stand.

even though im completely over him and have no feelings for him (I have a date tonight with this really nice guy and I like him a lot) but him and the girl I don't like broke up last week. she started texting me last night telling me all this stuff about how she loves him so much and she told me what he said and its the SAME EXACT stuff he told me when we broke up. and no matter what I told her she didn't get that he's an asshole and she should forget about him. instead she starts telling me that she is a c-cup now and has a big butt and all this stuff and I can just totally tell she's trying to make me jealous. its ridiculous and then she proceeded to tell me that they had sex 2 weeks ago before they broke up. they are freshman for christs sake! I'm a sophmore. I think they made a really bad decision to have sex so early. and I don't know if I should try to make her jealous back or what. she's being such a bitch!

by the way...she a cheerleader (which I have nothing against since my sister is one) but she a total bitchy know-it-all cheerleader. she just wants attention and she's trying to get me to feel bad for her which I don't because my ex is an asshole.


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  • I agree that they definitely had sex too early, and that guy simply sounds like an asshole who throws aside women like nothing. If I were you, I would try to just be mature. If you don't like her, and you are mad at your ex, just try to avoid them. If she sends annoying texts, just say "Sorry, I am busy." or something like that. You don't have to listen to her sh*t, and it probably isn't good to go about it trying to get revenge. I hope you all the best and hope she stops being a bitch!

    Good luck.


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  • Just don't give her the time of the day. Don't answer her texts. delete them without reading.

    If she gets too aggressive, just tell her that she should get counselling and you can not help her.


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  • i think that you should try to move on from this guy. If he treated you like dirt, chances are the cheerleader is next in line- why would you be jealous of that? Wait and the right guy will come around and he will treat you even better than the asshole treated you. That is just my personal advice.


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