How to meet or find someone to date?

Honestly, I haven't had much luck with dating or meeting someone. Haven't been in a relationship or dated anyone. I've tried different places in the area, and also tried online dating with no success. I also have few friends, especially girls, who would even want to hang out. It's not like there are many places to meet people either.

I've asked girls out before, but haven't had luck, most of the time getting rejected. It's difficult to meet someone who has the slightest bit of interest in me, and vice versa.

In a way I am sort of losing confidence, especially when most of the people I used to know have been on dates, in several relationships, or they are even married.

What can I do to improve upon my dating life? Or even just gaining some friends who are female?


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  • Well for female friends, I would say start with coworkers. Do you have a lot of male friends? Maybe they have some single female friends who they aren't interested in or maybe y'all could all hang out as a group?

    • I work at a warehouse, so very few females that are my age. As far as male friends, not really. I've also tried dating sites, and those haven't worked out as most women just won't respond. It's not like I haven't sent any witty/interesting first messages to get a response. It just gets to be a little frustrating, and lower my confidence about meeting someone.

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