Is he just not that into me if he still has his online profile up?

We've been dating for about 2 months now. (We first met in February, but I don't think I showed enough interest, and he didn't ask me out again. I closed my online dating account in February, however, I emailed him in August and we picked up things right where we left off).

We meet about 1x a week or every 2 weeks, as we are both fairly busy, mostly me, but that will lighten up next week.
We have a great time when we are together, mostly talking for hours over drinks or dinner. We have not had sex yet, because I am waiting for marriage (personal and religious reasons). He wants to have sex, but he has respected me so far. We have made out fairly heavily (2nd base stuff), however.

He does most of the asking out. I ask sometimes, such as on Sunday. And 9/10 he will text me to check if I got home safe after we meet. He is very affectionate on dates and is generally sweet. In between dates, he'll text me a few messages every 1-3 days. He doesn't have a good phone plan, but we did Skype once, on my request.

This all seems to be going well, however, I checked on the dating site, and he is still on there :(. In the past couple weeks, he's been on almost everyday, :(. On Sunday, we went the farthest in making out, including me taking my shirt off and him sucking on my boobs. I noticed he hadn't been on for a few days before then, but on Monday and today, I checked and he had been online the dating site. I can't help but feel hurt and pissed. Right, we haven't had an exclusive talk, but he sucked on my boobs, hello! I think 2 months is long enough for him to decide whether he wants a relationship with me, no?


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  • It's a conversation you need to have with him obviously but you need to remember that if you aren't exclusive then he is free to date other people. I've been where you are, had a great few dates with someone but why are they still online all the time? I've usually found that if someone is serious about me they have taken their profile down because they're exploring us and don't have any desire to see other people, which usually led to me doing the same if I felt the relationship had potential. You might not be the only person he's seeing. I know I'm usually talking to several people online but I shut it down once we're exclusive or at least decide we don't want to look anymore. I hope this helps.

  • Because you are barely "dating." At this point y'all are probably more of a friends with benefits.

    you are not exclusive. Sucking your tits doesn't make you exclusive.


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