Latina girls what do think about?

Latina girls what do think about a guy like me. Almost 30 , 5'8" Australian guy 7/8 white 1/8 brown , no kids , regular gym work outs fit active. Manager of a company. Independent own my own place though wouldn't say that on a date not looking for a gold digger. Stable and secure. I really like Latina girls there are not many where I live but I've met a couple. Anyway would I be the type of guy that you girls would be interested in or should I stick to Australian girls?

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Forgot to say I have dark hair and eyes. This is a question for Latina girls full or part Latina. Thanks
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  • Why do they have to be latina?

    • Why not? I'm attracted to them. Are you not attracted to a certain type of guy !

    • Nope I take people for who they are not what they are... you could be in a freak accident which causes serious disfigurement how is that person going to feel when they find out you were only attracted to th by looks... also people may look good but be horrible and nasty thats why I feel its more about the person they are!!! I wasn't meaning it to sound bad i jist wondered why

    • You have to be attracted to them to some extent for you to be happy (Guys are visual) Looks are not the entire reason you pick a person but they play a part. I know some very attractive girls looks wise but are horrible people. Guys say to me wow you know her she's so hot blah blah. I tell them man if you knew her you wouldn't day that. An ugly personality can make a beautiful girl unattractive.

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