How come I'm 23 and single?

I don't have much experience when it comes to girls my first kiss was with a girl. strung out on drugs and that relationship fell flat quick. My social life is kinda not existant I either am at work or home with occasional workout sessions with my friend cause in his apartment complex he has a free gym


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  • Maybe it's the kind of situation that you need to sit back, relax, and let a lovely girl/guy (whatever you're into) come search its way into your life.

    It's definitely possible that you are just looking for love in the wrong direction. Stand out, do something different. Maybe try online dating, speed dating (hey that was fun when I did it with a girlfriend of mine), or just plain asking a cute girl/guy out.

    Slow the roll, keep the pace, or speed up. Try it out. It's all trial and error.

    • I have tried that I sometimes get responses back from girls that are interested in me buy immediately lose interest once our conversation starts

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    • Agree what she says, open yourself up to new things and get out of your comfort zone. Dont work out everyday and maybe go out to bars or clubs, you dont exactly need to get a girlfriend there but its more for practice talking to girls (most likely can't find a long lasting relationship in bars or clubs anyways). Dating sites are great to meet new people as well.

    • Whoever taught you that is just plain... stupid. You will not always be single if you wait for a girl to come to you. Some people just have a hard time looking for their future significant other, and that's okay... you're not alone.

      I can tell you that a conversation that looks like this:

      You: Hey
      Girl: Hi
      You: What's up
      Girl: Nothing much, you?

      That is NOT an interesting conversation. I hope that you do not have conversations over the internet like that with girls that you are trying to get after. That will indeed keep you single, unless you meet a boring, 'Plain Jane' girl (but who wants that). Try a different approach. Don't blame everything on yourself when it comes to why you are single. There are a lot of women who only look for those who have serious wealth, or mainly just a fling. Keep searching, you'll get there.

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  • I am 36yo but single too ;)
    I am zen on it
    I think yku need to branch out and not just focusnon work out sessions


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