Do you like it when a guy says "good girl" to you in bed?

Someone said it on reddit and so I started to say "good girl" to my girlfriend in the bedroom and she loves it. Sometimes I make her tell me what she wants me to do, and then I'll say it. It drives her crazy for some reason.
I am 18 btw, relax

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Getting a "good girl" by someone always makes me feel happy and protected. I'm doing a great job then.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I think it depends on the person saying it and the tone. I was with a guy before and we were just hooking up like friends with benefits but after a while I got really annoyed with him and I hated it when he said it to me. I just always got so annoyed when he would say certain things in bed, so it was probably due to the fact that I stopped liking him after a while but was still hooking up with him.

  • How about "bad girl..." when she does something sexy?

  • Could be fun I guess


What Guys Said 1

  • Until recently I would have thought it was a horribly patronising thing to say... but I said it kind of accidentally while playing around and she virtually purred. She even commented later that she found it suprisingly nice to hear at that moment.