Would you date a girl like rebel wilson? Physically and personality wise?

Here's what she looks like and she's been in movies like pitch perfect and bridesmaids.



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  • I assume this question is mostly about her weight? She looks good enough for my standards. The biggest concern about her weight is that I have struggled for years against obesity myself. So I need a woman that will at least try to live a healthy lifestyle or else I will balloon up again. As long as she was willing to work on that together I would be fine with it. That would be my only concern about her weight.

    I have no idea what her personality is like, so I am afraid I can't be of any help to you there.

    • So as long as she wasn't contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle than you would be fine? For example she's going to the gym and eating healthier but just hasn't lost all the weight yet

    • Even if she had some health problem and wouldn't ever be able to lose the weight i would be okay with her body. I just don't want to gain weight myself. I am still bigger than I want to be, and if I didn't battle it every day it would really get out of hand. That is why I can't date someone that would sabotage my attempts to lose weight.

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  • I would not be interested in a girl like that. Neither personality wise or physically.

    I remember her role in the movie Bridesmaids, and her character was pretty much the opposite of what I'd consider an independent woman. Now, I don't know her real personality, but I'm assuming you're asking about the characters she's played in film.

    Then physically, I simply am not attracted. She is a bit overweight, and I do not find that attractive. To be completely honest, there's no sexual appeal there whatsoever. Appearance doesn't mean everything, but it does mean something. And if it's nonexistent, I doubt a relationship would work.

  • No, she does not have the body type i am looking for in a women.

    • I would have said, "fuck no" but this guy is more polite than I am.

    • Lol understandable but what if she was in the process of getting healthier. Like going to the gym and eating right. Would it make a difference if she was trying to make a lifestyle change or was in progress?

  • Lose about 150 lbs, then I'd consider.


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  • i would. she's so adorable AND hilarious. but yeah, her weight might be an issue for the dudes