I need advice. I am attracted to my date, and her best friend?

So I went on a date with this girl.

she doesn't seem interested while at the same time she does.

I'm also attracted to her friend.

her friend is super attractive but not as attractive as her

I caught her friend flirting with me yesterday

do I keep trying to get her, or do I move on to her friend?


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  • Be careful i would make a solid attempt at her, but if things continue in a downward trend. I don't see a problem if you go after the friend.


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  • That's an asshole move to do. Date the girl you like more, don't just settle for some other chick. It will hurt your initial date A LOT if you just move on to her best friend, who might, btw, reject you because of the "chicks before dicks" code. :)

  • Mmmmmm that's kinda being a "Male Thot" don't date her friend I would just ask the girl how she feels towards you. I wish I knew more can u message me more detail.


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