What's it mean if a guy texts me first or keeps me updated but has not hung out with me in a week?

Me and this guy don't want
To rush anything and he wants to get to know me as a friend before we talk about a relationship, he likes me and we text a lot and we have made plans to hangout again but something always comes up. At first we hung out four times in less than a week. but we haven't hung out since he said he wants to not rush anything. he still texts me first and keeps me updated when he can't text and I trust him but I don't know what it means. help.


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  • Four times in a week?,... hang out
    -Maybe he doesn't escalate with you hook up finally and he gave up.
    -Maybe you're not his type after getting to know you.


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  • maybe he is still shy about being around you in person and relies on texting you instead? that's what shy guys do, i think... it is safer to get to know someone before you officially start dating. it should just make the getting-to-know-each-other process even easier if you guys already know you like each other. if you are really unsure, confront him to give you reassurance that he isn't playing you or has another girl. if he truly likes you, he'd be honest about it.