I have a fake profile on match. com. I used this profile to talk with a guy I had a fling but now I don't know what to do?

i had a nice fling with a guy. We had to stop seeing each other because we lived in different states. However, he came to chat with me on my second profile (which had only a landscape photo) not knowing I was the same person. I used this to get information from him, and to find out if he liked me etc.

With my second profile I found out: he thinks I'm hot, fun and good in bed; he told me he almost developed feelings, but then it didn't happen (he also didn't want to develop feelings, just have fun). He would still have sex with me, but he doesn't think he can develop feelings anymore. He really likes me in the second profile (no photo of me so far)... he wrote there many things he had never told anyone.

Problem: now he texted my real profile... he's gonna come temporarily to my state...

I'm considering a roll in the hay with him... but should I tell him about the second profile?


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  • No don't get to honest with him. His hesitation and indecisiveness is gonna disappoint you. He will make you wonder but there is no outcome to give you. Just enjoy the lay and treat it as the last.

    • yeah I guess,,,,,,, at least i dont get many illusions now!

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  • Well do you want to be around him if he told you he "didn't want to develop feelings, just have fun" if not than you need to tell him about the second profile and say you're no-longer interested and it's not happening.

    On the other hand though if you're still interested well you're better off leaving it out.

    • well we had sex and it was not supposed to be more than sex. but we DID get along :/
      i'm not sure if i started to develop feelings for him... but i think i could develop them and it sucks to know he's JUST after pussy. he's still a great lay though...

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    • yeah i need to start liking someone before he gets here :(

    • Yeah that would be a good idea

  • message me, I have aquestion

  • Sex or no sex? ;)

  • Definitely not. He will think you're paranoid, a game player, and deceitful.

    • and i might be a bit lol the situation was very tempting not to be taken advantage of

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  • It sounds to me that no matter how many profiles you put out there, Fake or real, sweetie, this one is after hot sex, a 'Roll in the hay' and nothing more. And if that's okay in your bed, no bugs about it, then by all means meet up, confess what happened and with the lights out, I am sure he would soon forget whatever Profile, just be concentrating at the Real girl in hand.
    However, with Both profiles, if you don't think you want to say anything. Let sleeping dogs lie, delete the second proof in the semi sweet pudding and don't bark up the wrong tree at all.
    Good luck. xx

  • How would you feel if did the same thing to you?

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