What can you do on a date to show you are into her physically?

I would have thought that asking her out would show that but apparently not.. Please help. Im really desperate?


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  • It all comes down to flirtation. Making eye contact, smiling, reaching out with your hands, being protective of her when walking (stand on the traffic side of the sidewalk) and especially in the little things you do. If you're in a restaurant situation, pulling out her chair is one thing, but taking her hand and leading her to her side of the table is something else. Showing that you're at ease in her physical presence, helps her to be at ease too. So really try to avoid looking nervous.

    Grooming is another good example. Leaning in to remove a bit of (imaginary) lint from her shoulder or collar. (Though frankly, that is something a girl is more likely to do for a guy, but the principle is the same.)

    When you compliment her, make sure it's something that friend wouldn't say. It should be the sort of compliment that a father or brother could never say to her. "That's a nice dress" is something anyone could say. "You look amazing", is still borderline. "Wow, you are sex on legs" is definitely in the right ball park, but try not to be overly crude unless you know she's okay with that.

    One of the best ways though, is to find a reason for physical flirting and touching to be part of the event, so taking her dancing is always a good idea. If you don't know how to dance, learn.

    • Im talking about on A first date

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    • blame you I wouldn't want you for my script writer

    • If you're the sort of idiot who needs things spelled out for you, yeah.
      I'll simplify it again for you, so there's no possibility of misunderstanding.

      If you are going to compliment her, think for a second : could her father or brother say this compliment, and not get a weird look? If so, then don't use that compliment. Your compliments have to come with an undercurrent of sexual tension which would be highly inappropriate for a blood relative.

      Is that simple enough for you? Jesus christ...

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