Having doubts about going into a relationship? Everyone keep telling me he is perfect but?

Have been seeing a guy for three months now. Everyone keep telling me he is perfect and just the guy for me, that they belive I found the right one. He really is sweet, caring, funny, smart and handsome and I love hanging out with him and we are very similar in the way we see things. He is pretty much the dream. He once brought up babies, saying stuff like he hoped they would look like me and get my hair and eyes. I just laughed and kissed him, told them I hoped that they would look like him. It didn't freak me outvat the time, I was just a bit surprised that he told me. The other week he brought up baby names and said something like "I've always wanted to have a child named..." I can't for the world remember what the actual name was because I got so panicked. I didn't let him know it though.

In the beginning we had this constant electricity between us but now it is pretty much gone. It flares up sometimes when things are heating up but then it dies out.

We don't get to see eachother that often because of our different schedules and he lives 30 minutes outside of town.

I've had serious commitment issues and he is the first guy that I've ever told I've fallen for, the first guy I had sex with and the first guy of a lot of other things, and I was never really afraid of doing these things, it felt right. I've always been afraid of making myself vulnerable and hurting others so everytime it's been leaning towards becoming something serious I've bolted. And sometimes because of this, I feel like he probably deserves better than me.

So now I'm not sure if this is acting up or if my feelings for him are dissolving into mush.

What do you think? And have you ever been insecure about going into a relationship?

More opinions please? :)


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  • To me (and I could be wrong) he sounds like he genuinely liked you and may even be looking for a soul mate (horrible word, I know!) I get your fear; but if the sudden lurch in the relationship is merely your anxiety about getting hurt, unless your gut is telling you he's dodgy, stick it out. You like him, he likes you, it doesn't have to be forever but it'll naturally go it's course in time.

    • No he's definitely not dodgy, he's very open about everything. I really trust him. I'm not very good about feelings and stuff, so me telling him is a huge step. He doesn't know that though, and I'm not sure if I should tell him? Don't know how to go about it really.
      You are completely right. This really helped a lot, thank you!! :)