My boyfriend doesn't know if he loves me anymore?

So am in a new relationship with this guy who suppose to be my boyfriend

I check on him regularly.. we hang out 3 times a week had sex regularly..

he started to get more busy.. and had excuses like he's tired or with family or work

I feel really hurt with this because i love him..

So i reached a point where i asked him to be honest and tell me weather he's only interested in sex or he truly loves me

Thats when his answer shocked me.. he said he don't know if he still loves me and that i dont love him anyways !!


And we exchanged the L word a lot !

Is he not interested anymore?
What should i do or say now?


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  • soo, how long have you been together for?

    • A month

    • I don't want to sound horrible here, but a month into a relationship and these problems are coming up already, that really isn't a good sign.
      You should consider having a serious talk with him about what you both want, as he could just be wanting someone around when he wants it.
      Try and work out what this is before you get further on in the relationship and things don't progress.
      Also, try not to use the L word unless its necessary, otherwise it just becomes a habit with no meaning.

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  • seems like he's playing you and getting sex out of it.


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  • It sounds to me, sweetie, he is giving you his old song and dance hand me down excuses because He is the One who doesn't want to be hooked at the hip anymore, tied down except for an occasional romp in the hay and with This-----He said he don't know if he still loves me and that I don't love him anyways!!
    This is his way of wiggling out of being in the saddle with you and of course, he will interject some Insult to injury while he is taking this last ride. And with what he is handing you, along with his hymns and haws, should tell you it's time to let this cowboy off and tell him to walk off into the sunset... you're nobody's fool and nobody's horse neither just to be some Bur and a Spur of the moment neither.
    Good luck. xx

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