So He Ghosted Again... But I Really Don't Care Anymore! Breaking Free?

When my whatever the heck he is leaves town to see his family, I already know he will go ghost until he gets back. He doesn't place the same importance on contact that I do. I normally obsess over what it MEANS, blah blah until he gets back. He also disappeared for a week about two weeks back.

Ironically, his confusing behavior brought me here to begin with. But guess what?

Every day that passes finds me caring less and less if he contacts me again or not. I realized I spend nearly every day trying to understand him, questioning every spoken word spoken, analyzing every single interaction.

Guess what? That is NOT the relationship I want to be involved in any more. A relationship should be easy, not fraught with obsession, sorry and self doubt. It isn't even his fault at all, I have been CHOOSING to let this happen.

Every day he stays away gets easier for me. Once I decided I had had enough, I deleted him from contacts and can't get in touch with him if I tried.

I am breaking free! Looking forward to a date next week, looking back over several I had the past couple weeks. Nice, worry free dates. No obsession, no over analyzing, no self doubt.

I read several "how do I get over him/her" threads and this is my answer. I CHOOSE to let him go and break free.

This story is far from over. He seems to know when he loses me and contacts me again within a week of going ghost. I could CHOOSE to not answer and that would complete the break.

I am feeling free for the first time in 10 weeks. What a great feeling!


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  • Well u gave yourself great advice it just took too long to get to this point. Should have some it ages ago he obviously doesn't have respect for u or your feelings. Stay here you'll never feel rejected and always somebody to chat with 24 hours a day. Good luck with your freedom, enjoy it :-)


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