Is she really this forgetful?

So I've been talking to this girl for a few months now, and we're nothing official yet, but hopefully we will be soon!

Anyway, I've been noticing lately that she doesn't follow through with what she says occasionally, and I'm not sure if she's forgetful, testing me, or just doesn't care enough.

For example, last week when we were texting she said that she might not be able to hang out on Sunday (we hang out every Sunday) because it's her mother's birthday, and she wasn't sure if she would be busy with her family or not. I told her to just let me know if she's busy or not. She responded with, "Ok, I will!"

Well, Sunday night rolls around and when we were texting she mentioned how she had just gotten home from dinner with her family. She didn't directly say if she could hang out or not, so I asked her if that meant she was free tonight. She told me that she was, but her friend had just reminded her about a paper due the next day (that I knew she hadn't started yet). I told her that it's okay if she couldn't hang out that night, and that it doesn't matter to me when I see her, I just like seeing her. She responded back, "Ok, I'll look at my schedule for this week in a little bit and let you know!"

I actually ended up falling asleep without responding to that, so when I woke up that was the only message I had from her. So I just sent her, "Ok! And sorry, I fell asleep." When she texted back, she immediately changed the topic from her schedule. I didn't wanna seem clingy/needy so I didn't ask her if she had looked to see when she's free. Now it's been 3 days and she still hasn't brought up her availability.

So is she really just this forgetful? Is testing me to try and get me to ask her again? Or is she just avoiding it all together because she doesn't wanna see me?

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  • I want to say that she is just forgetful. Have you thought about making your relationship official yet? Incase it isn't just forgetfulness, I might be kinda sick of seeing a guy all the time. .. as you said. . Every sunday.. without ever knowing if it was a relationship or not. You need to define your relationship, I think that would also help you feel more secure in it.


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  • She sounds like she could be forgetful, but what you said doesn't make it seem like she's avoiding talking to you. I highly doubt she is testing you.
    Maybe she has a lot on her plate and you're over thinking it, I have done that a couple of times.
    So does she forget other things like how you mentioned her friend reminded her about something, is that normal or was that the first someone had to remind her outside of you twos conversation?


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