Did I blow it with her?

I started hanging out with this girl at the beginning of summer and we wemy out half dozen times or so and we really seemed to hit it off. We would text pretty much every day. But we never kissed or anything. She never really held eye contact. But about 6 weeks ago it started to feel like she was avoiding me so I told her I liked her and wanted to keep seeing her. And her reply was she has been really busy and can't commit the energy to a relationship.


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  • Just ask her what's going on. Gah, I hate when girls do that. I'm honest with how im feeling.
    You just need to be like "look, i really like you and i need to know what it is you want"

    • And in all honesty Dont know whether there could be anything serious but she would be worth giving it a shot. I'd did say too about 2 weeks ago that even of she didn't want to date I'd still like to be friends. But she never got back to me. So I'm starting to think she wants nothing to do with me now

    • oh, yeahhhh. In that case, just drop it and move on. She's obvies not interested anymore. Sorry man :(

    • Would it be pathetic to give it another go in a few weeks or should I just lose her number and forget about her?

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  • Pretty much the same thing is happening to me. I wouldn't say its completely blown per say but its probably grim. At this point all you can really do is let your intentions/feeling be know and then the ball is in her court. She will either feel the same way or not. I suggest not sticking around if she doesn't reciprocate because that could be really toxic on yourself. You might be holding onto a false hope that will probably never happen and miss out on other oppurtunities. Best of luck.

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