Why are people so caught up with age?

I don't really get what the big deal about age is. Once the person is pretty much of adult age, from there it is all about individual maturity. I have met people older than me I felt like I was perfectly in tune with and I have met younger people I felt the same way about.

Age seems like such an arbitrary method to go about filtering people out, so I guess I am wondering what your reasons are for having certain "age limits" or whatever you call them when it comes to others?


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  • In my opinion I would never date a boy younger than me. It's just how I see things. It's also that if there is a bug age gap they have different things in mind about what they want. If one of them was older they would want to get married and if the other was significantly younger it wouldn't really work as they have a younger mind if it makes sense?

    • Yeah but then why not just judge them individually based on their mindset instead of assuming they have a specific mindset because of their age?

    • I don't know that's just how MY mindset is, each to their own preference.

    • That whole "I don't know" part is the entire reason I asked the question haha I want to understand WHY people have that mindset.

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  • Well in my opinion, it depends on the ages. Like you said, once they're of age, it's not as big a deal to me. There's a huge difference between a 12 year old and 20 year old dating than an 18 year old and a 26 year old dating.

    At the same time, it bothers me when people date someone old enough to be their parent... or grandparent... :$ It just seems wrong...

  • Different life stages.

    A 21 year old may legally be an adult, but it's rare for one to be completely independent of their parents, be out of college, have a career, etc than someone who is say 31.

    An 18 is either still in high school or just graduated. I still see them as kids.


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  • Generally as you get older you become more mature, example, lets say your 24 and been working for a couple of years, to you someone who is 19/20 although not that much younger than you you may class as a bit "Immature" because they are still young and yet to know what the real world is like, of course there are always be people who are more mature than their age, but as you get older you want people who are more mature, ergo you go for people closer to your own age