Should I be worried that he's hiding it?

Me and my boyfriend had an argument about his snapchat because of this specific girl he was being "friendly" with so he hasn't used his snapchat since but I recently found out a month later that he made another one but he didn't bother telling me, I found out by his bestfriend when he was saying how he snap chats my boyfriend. My boyfriend seems like he really cares about me but I don't know if this is just really stupid or it means anything.


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  • If your boyfriend is hiding it then he is hiding something. It's perhaps a little blunt and I am sorry for that but, when people get protective over something and don't want to show you then there is something there they don't want you to see.

    • What do you think I should do?

    • Well there is not many options at this point. Either way there will be some conict or hurt feelings.

      You can either confront him about it which will end up in an argument, he will probably just lie about whatever accusations you throw at him, or you can let it go but then that takes a lot of wondering on your part if you can trust him.

      It's not easy decision as I said before as you will be left hurt either way. But you will need to do what you believe is right for you

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