I treated a girl awfully and dropped her because I was insecure and thought that she was too good for me, therefore just using me. Can I get her back?

- I met a great girl online
- We dated a bit, had sex. It was amazing
- I wanted to see her the next night. She couldn't as she had a dinner with friends
- I think she's lying and used me and was out with another guy
- She contacts me a few days later to hangout. I reluctantly agree. I treat her horribly thinking she's fake. Date ends badly.
- She asks to see me the next day. I think I'm getting dumped.
- She's really nervous. Tells me she hasn't dated before, that sex was too soon and she wants to slow things down. I feel like she's holding something back.
- I agree to slow things. We chat for a few days. She asks to see me. I ignore her text still unsure why she's interested in me/ thinking she's stringing me along. She could get a 9 i'm a 6 at best.
- She contacts me a week later I brush her off, and ignore her other texts.
- She pops back up on the dating site we met on a month later.
- She messages me. Says she needs to tell me something so she can forgive herself and move on; she was a virgin and I was her first. She regrets it as she wanted to wait for someone who cared for her. I feel awful as it made sense in hindsight and the way I treated her was pretty horrific given me being her first. I say sorry. She asks what happened as it seemed so great and thought they were heading somewhere. I ignore her, not knowing what to say.
- She gets matched with a friend on mine on such dating site and starts chatting to him not knowing I know him.
- He asks if it's ok. I ask him to see if she's ok/genuine and to go for it if he wants.
- She is genuine and is actually far more perfect (more than physical) than I gave her credit for. She's all i've ever wanted in a woman and my friend is starting to warm up to her.
So what I want to know is. Can I get her back? Or is the situation too messy now? I regret not getting to know her more deeply before dropping her and want to again.


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  • I won't sugar coat this: you really fucked up. If I were you if talk to the fried who's talking to her now and explain how you feel. Don't be hot headed or demanding. If he won't let you try again with her tgen you need to let her go as it is your fault. But you need to also talk to her. Explain to her how you felt exactly how you explained it in the question above. I'm not saying that telling her this will get her back, but she deserves to know the truth.

  • I'm one of those type of girls that once I leave a guy I leave him alone
    You had your chance and you ruined it
    If she was me and you tried to contact me on my phone or online I would immediately block you or never respond


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