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My bf of 3.5 years has this female friend he insists on hanging out alone with. It bothers me that they do things such as go out to dinner alone. I asked to be included in their hangouts and he said sometimes she likes to hangout alone with me. I just feel that she isn't respecting boundaries for a guy in a committed relationship. Hello you shouldn't need to be alone with another woman's guy. I feel hurt that he isn't putting my feeling s ahead of hers after 3.5 years. Its like her comfort is more important than mine when after 3.5 years you would think it would be the exact opposite. I also feel that after this amount of time that you would think that I would be his best friend who is a female. After all what is the point of being in a relationship if I am not his first priority over some other girl? Everything else is great in our relationship but thjsy issue. Should I re consider spending the rest of my life with him if he obviously isn't going to make my feelings a priority does it speak volumes about what our future together is going to look like?


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  • Im frankly amazed at the accuracy of your perception. hmm, maybe I'm just judgmental. but you are right on ALL counts. 3.5 years and he wants to be with another woman alone? you don't seem to mind the fact that he hangs with his female friend. you just want to get the feel of what their relationship is like. (i mean, unless he's a spy or something lol)
    this is a serious issue that could turn into a trust issue which will stir up jealousy and things will go south. you seem to have caught on, so tell him what you just told us. don't make it a "talk" just tell him, matter of fact, you can say your description word for word. end it with the fact that if he doesn't consider your feelings first, maybe someone else will. if things don't change.. make good on your word. 3.5 is a long time though.

  • It depends on how often they want to hangout. They should include you as well. But you need to tell him it makes you uncomfortable when he wants to hang out with this other girl


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