Your ideal kayaking date, Shoot?

Taking a girl kayaking tomorrow, just any pointers or ideas to just make it all the better.

-Sincerely Anon


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  • Lol well same as any date ask her questions take an interest (or at least feign an interest) in her interests. Make her laugh and your golden. they said don't tip it, but if it seems like she would find it funny I would recommend it a good way to get y'all closer together. (for instance flip it over and move in for a kiss.) Also may be a way to get her to get close together for warmth etc. G'luck buddy XP


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  • Just don't tip it over!!! Make sure she doesn't get too cold. Avoid the crazy rapids. That's all I've got sorry :/

    • I live in Florida, its 80+ tomorrow, its a very calm lake, and as a gentlemen I'd never flip the kayak but I might splash her just a bit :P

    • I hope you have so much fun! It sounds great.

      Are there alligators there? 😯

  • Depends on the girl... But please don't tip the kayak purposfully!!

    • What you make your kayak date spectacular.

    • *would

    • Umm if you can just sit there and talk about silly things and make her laugh while just going around circles in the kayak... And make a picnic lunch for afterwards/before hand depending on what time you're going :)

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