Do you think a Muslim Arab man would be interested in dating/marrying a white non Muslim girl?

Assuming that the girl is really open to learning and accepting his culture and religion, even open to the idea of converting to Islam.

I think I want an Arab boyfriend.

I like this Iraqi guy in particular and he seems interested in me but I'm not sure yet if he is just hoping to sleep with me, or if he wants more. We have not kissed or had sex or anything like that.

He grew up in Iraq and then did his postsecondary education in Canada.

I feel like if we dated, it would be difficult because of cultural differences and other people being racist and negative towards our relationship. But I like him and he has been really sweet to me so far.


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  • I am uniquely qualified for this one. Dated a Palestinian American.

    A Muslim man can date any one who practices religion in The Book (as in Bible, Torah, Qu'aran). Chances are, however, he will marry within his own faith. There are exceptions with individuals, however. Mine was divorced from a Christian and dated Christians.

    He is a peace loving, passionate guy who cried on 9/11 and is anti-Muslim extremist in every form. He taught me that Muslims were the first to give women rights of any kind; sadly extremists twisted things to what they are now which is in total opposition to the original teachings.

    Mine is American born, which makes a big difference in his views on dating.

    He treated me like a treasured princess, was never anything to me but kind and gentle. He changed my views to the point that I realize there is no blanket statement to be made about every person in a religion.

    When he would get aggravated (playfully) he would curse me out in Arabic (dang you, woman and such). I don't know why that tickled me so much lol.

    • BTW, don't sleep with him too soon or he won't respect you at all.

    • Interesting... and yeah I am not planning on sleeping with him right away, I'm looking for more than that

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  • I'd guess it'd depend on how devout the muslim same as Christian or most any other exclusive religion.

  • should reconsider your choice, because.. it`s a phase you are going trough, talking in experience and I guess in your teens and so on you would have had some other kind of preferences right? Some men go for Asian women for a while and then they suddenly prefer back woman more? How did that change happen all of the sudden? Well that is just human nature somethimes we prefer the one more then the other, and after a while we would prefer to try something else or we got disappointed and think the others are better for them, it`s all in the mind, the head. don`t be blinded.

    It`s about the person, the content not the package and this and that`s is what is is or defined by this and that...

    • a good example: I would only fall for Korean girls right? And suddenly I would encounter a Moroccan girl, not my type if you talking in a theoretical sense right? But still I went trough with it.. why? Because we connected well and all that overlapped the physical.

  • Yup yup :)

  • Maybe, but just be aware of how some of the animal men the arabs have. I'M NOT SAYING IT'S ALL OF THEM. I'm just saying, women are second-class citizens in Muslim cultures.
    THAT'S real patriarchy.

  • He will convert you to Islam and treat you I the way they traditionally treat their women. Please, don't let this happen.

  • Anything is possible


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  • as long as you convert to islam.. in the case of a religious man..
    otherwise maybe he doesn't even care?
    who knows...
    and if you re gonna live ur life by others' standards and rules, dont even think of pursuing him as a bf.
    and by the way u dont even date why do you think of getting married.. this is where most girls fall as pitfall.. assumptions over the life of a relationship and possibility of marriage without even dating or getting to know the person..
    just go try and date first.

    • Actually a Muslim man can marry any one who practices religion from the book (christian, Jew, Muslim). The reason is that offspring will usually follow the religion of their father. Muslim women are forbidden to marry anyone outside the faith.

      I agree with the date observation though. :)

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    • Bel, me too. I was so wrapped up in misconception and distrust that I didn't see him for the excellent man he was. Now I read the Muslim bashing threads on here... most if them are woefully misinformed. I just steer clear.

    • Because at this age I don't want to date someone for the hell of it, I don't want to date someone that I can't see myself having a long term relationship with or marrying

  • It's common enough. Religion is important to most muslims so learn up on it, especially from outside sources, muslim and non-muslim alike.

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