Inviting her over after a month is not too soon, right?

I recently went out with a woman ( mid- 20's, bout my age) a couple times, and things were pretty smooth. Now since she doesn't work and I pay for the dates we have been on, After a month of knowing her I decide to invite her over, not even to meet the folks or anything, but to do something FREE for a change. After I invited her, she does a complete 180 on me and totally breaks off contact! Now... did I invite her to my house too early on or does anybody feel like I do, this girl has some problems lol.

And btw, its not like I invited her over just for sex...if it didn't happen on that occasion then it just didn't! But I feel like she handled it immaturely to be a woman her age and screwed up her chance with me in the process.


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  • Well if she screwed up her chance with you then why does it matter to you? I'd think you'd only want to know if there was a possibility you'd still want her.

    • Dont get me wrong. the hell with her at this moment lol. But a friend of mine felt like I did the whole "invite to my house" too soon. So I wonder, you agree with him or with me that this girl is just bugged? lol

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    • Lol then why'd you ask? You obviously don't want me to confuse you with the facts. Your mind is made up hah

    • Sure... doesn't change my personal opinion, but I told ya, I was curious to know if people agreed with me. besides, I'm only interested in meeting women who don't freak out and has their head on straight, like yourself lol.

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