My guy friend could be interested?

Signs he may be interested: hugs (arm around the shoulder and sometimes tight hugs) nudges me playfully and plays with my hair and hands. He also kisses me on the forehead and makes fun of my size (I'm a short girl).

Are these good signs?

Oh and he would also run his foot up my leg sometimes lol


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  • It's def. a good sign but, be careful, he could be "just being nice". The problem with people and looking at things like this is that, if they haven't asked you on a romantic setting, they're probably not actually in to you, they just like the attention. You're giving it to him. Until he does, assume it's just friends

    • He doesn't do this to our mutual friend who is also a girl. He doesn't even touch her the way he touches me

    • Yet he hasn't asked you out yet

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  • Yes. He is interested. I'm sure. If you like him too, you can ask: "Do you see me as a friend, or potentially something more? (I'm just curious.)" This will give him the message you might see him as something more than a friend as well. The curious-part is optional. It can give you some protection or, if you say it in a very ironic/playful way, it can be flirty.

  • Yep, he's more than likely interested.


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