The Catch 22 of Cheaters; Who would you pick?

Would you pick a guy who has tendency to cheat if the conditions exist, but he is not a total man whore and has a bit of a gambling habit but he is a hardworking, a great provider, ambitious, intelligent, educated, loves life, romantic and a great listener.

Your alternative would be a guy with no ambition, lazy, has a job but hates it, intelligent, likes to have fun, chivalrous, faithful, but constantly says and do dumb shit and is stuck in the past.

Who would you choose?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Probably the first one. He cheats on you, but pretty good besides that lol. His life is in order. It won't be a "good" relationship, but it's at least stable. Hard choice either way

    • It is indeed a very hard choice. Nobody will ever be perfect all the way around; but I'm adapting to as long as his pros outweigh his cons then we can work with something.

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What Guys Said 1

  • neither...

    both have huge red flags
    option 1: gambling problem and cheats
    option 2: immature, lazy and stuck in past

    might I add...
    option 3: wait for a better guy to come along


What Girls Said 1

  • I choose my vibrator.

    If I had to pick, though... I'd have to go for the second one. I already have self-esteem problems, and being cheated on would just... ruin me. I wouldn't be able to stand a relationship where I constantly feel insecure because I can't trust my partner and feel paranoid that I'm not good enough for him.

    • For me its between number 1 and the vibrator! lol

    • Understandable, haha. Number 1 sounds like such a catch! But vibrators are so trusty, lol.

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