I've had this crazy crush on this guy for like 3 years now. WHY?

We used to talk about 2 years ago and then it stopped. I barely see him and yet I think about him all the time. It's really strange and almost like an obsession cause I don't even know him.

How do I get over him guys?


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  • i have a similar problem and it sucks but i plan on approaching her and talking to her as a old friend and maybe start something up from there? If you want to get him over just plan out away to talk to him as a old friend like i said I'm going to do. If it doesn't work out, oh well at least you know now and it won't bug you forever now and you can stop thinking about him and it does, well good for you.

    • He's gone now he doesn't go to my university anymore so there is no way of us talking plus it would be super weird if I Facebook messaged him or something out of the blue

    • I think its worth a shot at messaging him as a old friend. If he thinks it's weird then so what? its better than not doing anything at all and not having a chance with him right? It's not that weird to say that you should meet up sometime at a Starbucks and catch up, just do that and talk to him and go from there.

    • Hmm I'll consider it but in all reality it's probably not going to happen he doesn't even live in my city anymore so why would I want to face the possible rejection? I'd rather just have the easy get over him quick method but life doesn't work that way lol. It'll be a process I guess..

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