I don't even know his name and we're going on a "date"?

I've never dated, lots of stupid reasons but I've been trying to get out of my shell.

either way I knew that if I ever got asked IN PERSON, (being shy and awkward) I'd be pressured to say yes.
I had never gotten asked in person before but I now have a "date" with one of my coworkers who asked to take me out for my birthday. I don't think it's anything serious and I intend on getting his name within the next 18 days.

But I'm definitely not ready for a relationship with him yet.

I know this whole thing sounds retarded and I'm probably one of the stupidest people imaginable. I'm pretty ashamed of this and I'm really not sure what to do.
Do I go through with it?
Is he only wanting sex? (I'm waiting till I'm married)
Has this ever happened to anyone else?


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  • I think you're worrying way too much about whats going to happen and worrying for the worse you need to just stop worrying and just go enjoy yourself and have fun and realize you're on a date and it happens to a lot of girls a lot of times and not focus on you're not ready for things yet and focus on is he even right for me? Because if you're going to walk in to that date saying I am not ready to be in a relationship what happens if he asks? I don't want sex till marriage should I tell him? These are things that are going to make you seem uneasy and change your personality and basically make you not who you actually are because you're so focused on worrying about things instead of enjoying the moment.

    I think you need to just relax and people go on blind dates all the time and try it out and see how the date goes and not worry about him asking about being in a relationship or expecting sex or anything and just have a good time and see if he's actually fit to be someone you would continue dating because if all you are doing is worrying your emotions will be everywhere and you end up forcing a bad image of him because you're soo worried abut something being wrong your brain is going to make you assume something is and all that was for nothing so relax calm down and remember ITS just a DATE it's not going to kill you, he's not going to be demanding sex unless he's a tool and he's not going to rush you into a relationship after one date unless he's a idiot.

    • Wow, thank you sooo much haha, you're right :) I wasn't thinking of it as a "blind date" but as a quick relationship kinda thing. I went on a date before and the guy asked me over text as soon as I got in my car to leave the theater...
      All I'm really still worried about is if he DOES ask me later. If I say no, but he paid for me and everything, would that make me a tease? like I lead him on just to get free dinner or something.

    • No? I mean on the first date I have with a girl all I expect too do is get to know her and I expect her to do the same thing and get to know me and anybody who thinks otherwise such as wanting a relationship right away or sex is either a idiot or a tool. I wouldn't consider it a tease if you say no you clearly just wanted to get to know him on the first date as most people do.

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