If someone doesn't seem interested in you should you confront them?

Well i have been talking to this girl lately, when have chilled twice and both times she seems really interested, we make out, cuddle, and even hook up, but the thing is she never talks to me and we only hang out when she wants to hang out. I will ask her if she wants to go something almost everyday and each day some different excuse. She even uses excuses to not talk to me but I always see her online on facebook. What does this mean and what should I do. I told her I want something serious and I dont want a hookup, but should I ask her what her deal is or just tell her I can't talk to her anymore, or just stop talking to her all together?

the second time before we hung out she told me she was having rent problems and i offered to help but I asked if she was serious about me cause i didn't want to get used like I have in the past. well telling her that ticked her off and she said i accused her of being a gold digger which i wasnt. so she didn't want anything to do with me but i told her i didn't want to fight her and she invited me over. after I spent the night I gave her 200$ and it has been so many excuses not to see me.
and I asked her if she could tell me the truth if she was interested and all I got was "Leave me alone, Im tired good night"


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  • She is stringing you along playing with your head and your heart, Sgtkeebler, using and abusing you in any way that she can. However, you Enable her to do it and by leaving the money, honey, in her hands after spending the Nite-------It has been so many excuses not to see me.
    She is a player, pure and simple. And she has you by the balls every time. You need to steer clear, dear, of this little pup because every time you find yourself begging for her attention, you only ends up barking up the wrong tree.
    Move on, lose her number, lose contact with her. She is not the kind of girl you can bring home to mom for dinner. And if it were me, I would leave her a bowl of Alpo and walk right out of her life completely... you deserve better.
    Good luck. xx

    • Than you ladies for the comments and yea, she sent me a text this morning telling me good morning and to have a good day, and I kept asking her and I got an answer that she wasn't so I dropped her and haven't talked to her or heard from her at all. Sucks cause she was everything I wanted in a girl personality wise but now I know why she was matching up with that for manipulation.

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    • You are most welcome, on behalf of all of us girls.. xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help you shed some light on this sore subject... xxoo

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  • Oh honey! She's using you and your letting her. If you tell her you don't want to see her she'll throw a tantrum and then when she misses your attention she'll crawl back and go back to leading you on.

  • She's probably not that into you. That's how my husband's ex treated him right before he confronted her if she was cheating on him and she said sex didn't matter to her and that he didn't matter to her and then she went and cheated on him.


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  • Man guys are suckers nowadays. They overvalue women so much then get played lol.

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