What is the most amount of numbers that you have got in one day?

My record is 4 and this is not including clubbing. I mean just out asking random hot chicks in random places (gas station, grocery store, etc..) Drunk club sleezers don't count Lol


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  • I got 3 in one day, literally looking like I rolled out of bed, hair up, have ass-ed makeup, whatever I could find to put on. I was doing errands. Never hit any of them up though. lol

    • Okay nice. Although, it's an entire different game you being a girl.

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    • I think it's laughable to consider them even close to the same. I am REALLY good at getting womens numbers. If I come at women correct, confident, well spoken, and straight to the point I can a few numbers... Whereas my girlfriend could act fucking disinterested and destroy me at that number game Lol. Just not the same.

    • I can see where you are coming from, 100%. Though, I shall beg to differ, and I don't like to debate or argue. Some see it the same, and some see it different. I see it different than you do. We are 'target' different people when it comes to getting numbers. Everyone's reaction and experience is different. Just the way I see it.

  • Three at the beach lol


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