Friend of woman I like likes me?

So I think I've screwed the pooch here...
Last few months I've been inviting this one girl I'm into to come do this or that... A mutual friend has come along... The girl I'm into either can't or doesn't want to come kickit, the girl I don't like is always down. So a few times, the group thing turned into, well shit I don't wanna flake on the girl whos down and it's been just her and I a few times (shooting, going to the faire) despite me being aware that the girl probably likes me. I've never once expressed interest or been flirty with this girl and I've thought I've made it abundantly clear I'm not interested any time she's tried to push anything beyond friend-behavior (politely... ie, tries bumping into me, ill just get out of the way.)

Now, girl that I'm interested in isn't even looking my direction, giving me a few word answers (not sure if it's because she's got the idea me and the other girl are a thing, or, if she's mad i'm possibly hurting her friends feelings, or... i don't know why, she just isn't talking to me.) ... and other girl is still popping into my work, texting, showing interest.

What now?


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  • Maybe she thinks your into her friend. Be polite and straight forward on your feelings.


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