Falling for my someone I shouldnt, what do I do?

I think he's figured that I have something for him and he's been giving signals that he's interested too but for so many reasons it just can't happen. He's in a relationship as well which makes me uncomfortable to be around him.

I can't exactly avoid him either because we do work together and though i still do okay with my job, it's just becoming awkward and i want to stop myself from liking him.

I can't exactly talk about it to him because there is no privacy whatsoever. I've never felt like this before and had no intention of getting with him, something just clicked. Please help!


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  • You shouldn't feel guilty because we are all human and there are times when we develop feelings for someone. If the relationship is like in good condition and stuff like that and both of them seem happy in this relationship I suggest you like stop yourself. Get over the guy. I also have tips for getting over guys:
    1. talk to someone about how you feel
    2. keep yourself busy so you dont even have to think of him
    3. hang out with friends
    4. getting rid of all those photos, gifts etc. that he has given you
    5. avoid all contact with him
    6. if you really need to cry about it then like cry because it is hard forgetting someone and well bottling up your emotions won't help much so let the emotions flow slowly out.
    7. take up a new hobby, sport etc.
    8. make yourself think that he wasn't worth it and that there are better guys.
    9. keep telling yourself about all the bad things about him
    10. go outside and get some air occasionally


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