I know nothing about dating because I'm in a relationship?

My roommates informed me of this last night. They were in the living room talking about boys and I went out there and they got quiet. I told them they were welcome to continue their conversation and asked why they stopped on my account. They straight up told me that because I was in a relationship meant that I knew nothing about how to date or the beginning of relationships.

Um, what? So because I'm in a relationship, this means I don't know what qualities are attractive in a partner? I don't know how to go about turning that first date into a second, a third, and a full fledged relationship? Since when? How could they assume I can't relate? I was in their shoes once. And you still date your partner when you're in a long term relationship. We're even the same age, it's not like I'm some creepy old person. I'm not THAT out of touch.

I could tell them both why they're single right now. I wouldn't, because I think that'd be meddlesome.

I'm just miffed. How am I not a good person to talk to about this stuff? In addition to being their friend, I have what they both want. They don't want hook ups or one night stands. They want boyfriends and relationships that could lead to marriage. I freaking have that. And my relationship is good and healthy and borderline perfect. It's not messed up at all. Why am I not automatically thought of?

Is this the mentality most single people have?


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  • woooooooooooow. I know how you feel though. It's true that maybe theyre avoiding judgment but I still think they should consult you. You might have had your fair share of past relationships that lead to this great one that you're in. you would be the first person I would go to. Just let them talk and let them know that you're there if they need you. But yes, it might just be out of fear of being judged.


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  • Look how completely over the top you've gone with your reaction here. They must feel they're walking on eggshells around you and I don't blame them.

  • They probably don't like what they're doing and don't want to risk any judgment. Or they are both bitches.


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