How can I stop this from happening?

So every guy I see or become interested in things go great and we talk and get along great for maybe two weeks then suddenly they aren't interested or they don't want to date and they leave never to be talked to again, some of them catch up every once in awhile but it's never the same, how can I get a guy to stay? Why does no one want to date me? Why does everyone leave me? What's wrong with me?

it's been 12 guys this past year.


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  • It's virtually impossible to answer this with 100% accuracy, I don't know you. I would suggest looking at the guys you become interested in. Is there a common theme? Are you having sex with these guys?

    • No I'm not having sex with them I'm a virgin, all the guys I've talking to play hockey and already are kind of cocky but I'm attracted to that, although eventually I do give in and will give them head but only after I've been taken on a few dates and the relationship seems to be forming properly I kind of give them a taste of what will be coming if they continue dating me, not all of them got head though.

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    • thanks it just sucks because no one wants to keep me for more than that amount of time I don't think anyone will

    • I doubt the latter part is true. You're just having a rough patch right now.

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  • it has absolutely nothing to do with you my dear, it is more about the vibration you send out and how the surrounding guys pick it up. So just change your inner feelings and thoughts and the shift might happen and things will become better and more to your pleasing.

    • Thank you, I just feel like there is something majorly wrong with me or I'd be able to keep a guy for more than one to two weeks with out them suddenly not wanting anything to do with me

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