Ladies, what do you look for in a first message from a guy on a dating site/app? Guys what do y'all say that has worked in the past?

I'm pretty socially awkward and tend to be quiet. So I've been single for the better part of 3 1/2 years now so I don't have much experience in dating girls at my age and what not. I suck at these dating apps and never know what to say in a message. Any ideas and what you would expect?


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  • How about getting off the dating apps, and start talking to women in the REAL world, IN PERSON, and no via text.

    And if you come back with the crap line of "Ohh I'm too nervous to do it in person", well hiding online isn't going to help you get over that!

    • Well I work by myself so I can't meet people at work. I work most weekends as well. The main reason I use the silly apps is because I have a lot of free time at work so it's easy to just sit here and fiddle on those. I do prefer in person though.

    • Ok good just making sure you're not one of these who suffer from "Social anxiety" and hide online. :)

      That being said these dating apps are 99.99% crap. The women are getting FLOODED by messages, so they're either not going to answer you, or they're just going to lead you along because they like getting the attention of tons of guys. I would proceed with caution, and just take things slowly when talking to them. And be sure to ask them about themselves too! What they're interests are, what they do for a living, their family, things like that. Everyone loves to talk about themselves.

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  • Just be polite and don't be creepy. In dating application so many weird guys and rude ones. If you got instagram search byefelipe. You can learn a lot from what these guys have done hahaha

    • Hahahaha oh thank you so much for telling me about that instagram. I now have a new time waster at work haha

    • Good that u like it! So epic right?

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  • Start off with a joke. Everybody loves jokes. Do the hook!

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