How do I talk to this chick?

Me and her hung out every single day for about 6 months.. she is very pretentious .. always talked a lot which I liked at first but I soon got annoyed because she talked to hear herself talk..

i ended up breaking it off with her.. didn't call her or text.. its been almost 1 year.. I just had my own busy schedule.. and didn't wanna make time for her.. its not like I ignored her. she hasn't texted or called me either... we stopped talking on really good terms though.. weren't mad or anything..

i just kinda miss her.. but I'm afraid that she hasn't changed .. and I don't know how to talk to her.. how to start the friendship up again.. what do I do?

  • Let her be.. wait for her to get in touch first
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  • Get in touch with her
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  • Forget her.. delete all her info
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  • Basically girls are tought by mothers, sisters, friends, movies, ect. to wait for that call, either she is waiting, though a year is a long time, or she just doesn't care. I would find out if you really do like her..

    • I thought I liked her.. ahaha until she couldn't stop talking -__- now I just miss hanging out with her I guess.. oh btw she is super fine like a freakin model . unbelievable how pretty she is..but her personality totally turned me off hahah so I never asked her out . just friends. she got stuck in MY friend zone =D

    • Well then, maybe she has grown up a little? Or it could have been that she liked you, I can be a little too talkitive around guys I like just so that I'm not in the background to them; you should have just talked to her about how she felt and tried to work it out from there. After you told her you just wanted to be friends she might have started acting normal around you, or she may have not depends on if she really liked you or not..just call her and say what's up and see how she acts.

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