Did I react the right way , I didn't yell or anything , simply said ok?

So basically like many others, i hate when i get rejeceted.

I dated a guy few months ago, and i began liking him, never liked a guy that way before, and he was the best guy I've dated so far, he told me he liked me but unfortunatly i didn't meet him often because he didn't live in my town, and he began pulling away from me, so i got very mad and asked him about it one day. He replied by saying that he wasn't looking for anything serious now because he doesn't have the time for it, he had a lot going on with school, and he had applied for his masters in another country, so the chances of us dating were small.

Ofcourse i got very hurt and i got mad, but i tok some time and i controlled my anger , instead of lashing out on him, i simply said, that i understand and its okay. He wanted to remain friends because he thinks im a cool girl.. i mean what is a cool girl?

Anyways now 6 months passes by with no contact, (only likes on fcb) and he contacts me telling me he moved to my town and would like to meet me one day. We met and had a great day and nothing had changed and the chemistry was there, but he didn't kiss me or anything, simply friends.

He also told me i shouldn't hesitate contacting him. He also said he is moving again in December to the middle east to work for 3 montsh in a refugee camp.

I went on a vacation for 2 weeks after meeting him and contcated him when i got back asked if he wanted to go biking. He said yes but he had to work so we didn't do it and he would let me know when he had time... well its been week and nothing.. only again likes on fcb.. wtf?

So did i react the right way for not being mad and simply saying i understand and backed away? i mean is he even into me? i doubt it.. oh by the way i saw his profile on tinder...(where we met).. from my friends profile,,


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  • at least you're not having sex with him. I don't know about the right thing but the situation seems like meh. just go with the flow or don't bother.


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  • Well, to put it gently, if he's telling the truth about moving in December, he may not want to take a chance to hurt you if he gets hurt or killed over there. Generally he's shown all signs of being a great friend (even if one not very good at staying in touch but whatever), so I'd advise you not to try to change the dynamic until he's more settled down in one spot. I'm happy to hear however that he's not just using you for sex, so appreciate that about him at least.

    • I do because he could have met me and slept with me? but is that why he is on tinder? I've heard its basically a sex app but it wsnt what i looked for in there. But maybe he doesn't want to take things further with me when he hasn't settled?

  • I think you reacted the right way. There isn't much you can do, I mean it doesn't make much sense in dating if he doesn't have any time to.

    I don't think it's your fault, the fact that he wants to stay friends shows that. It's just an unfortunate, sad thing that had to happen.


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