What is the best way to meet Women if you're shy?

I'm sort of an introvert and not extremely social, but I'm at the point where I want a relationship with someone. It's sort of hard to meet people, and I'm not sure I can become less shy, it feels natural to some extent. I was just wondering if anybody had any advice or recommendations for someone like me?


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  • You have probably heard it before, but just go out there and try. Say hi to girls smile at them etc, just innocent things and take it from there. Otherwise I hear that a lot of shy girls like net dating because it's less intimidating.

    • Yeah, you know, that stuff is probably true, but for me it's not that simple. I'd feel uncomfortable with approaching somebody. I tried it in the past a little and it just felt unnatural. Internet stuff never worked for me either. lol.

    • Hmm, you need to try a few more times until it doesn't feel unnatural. That is really the only way to start dating. What about school or work? Any girls there? Maybe it would feel more natural to approach someone you already know a bit?

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  • It likely feels natural to be shy because it is a habit. Like any other habit it can be adjusted. You have to work past some of your shyness to get out there and talk to girls.

    Do this: For the next 6 weeks, every day - look at 5 women you think are attractive and just say "hello" to her (or "hey", whatever)..

    For 6 weeks after that, same thing - find 5 women you don't know - but instead of just a greeting, follow up with a compliment.

    Do these things with a feeling of outcome-independence. In other words, whether they smile back or give you an 'eat shit' look, nothing matters to your life. It doesn't mean you're a bad person or unliked.

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