There's this girl I like?

There's this girl I like she's everything I look for in a girl. And we both get on really well, have kissed many times and want to meet up and get to know each other more. But she has a boyfriend.
We were supposed to meet up other day for a meal, but she had a bad day at work as she works as a nurse and unfortunately had a patient pass away. So she didn't want to go out, just relax at home. So I gave her some space and reassured her. But I saw a post on Facebook, saying go for what you want and don't take anyone for granted.
But since then she's been really off with me not texting of speaking.
Should I give her time or cut my losses.
What should I do


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  • Okay, I started reading and only made it up to the word boyfriend.

    I don't have to read anymore to know what you have to do.


    A saying I grew up hearing from my mom all the time was "if they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat on you".

    Getting involved with other person's significant other is ALWAYS a bad idea. No matter how unhappy either person is. If she wants to be with you, she'd dump him. But since she cheated with you in the first place, what makes you think she wouldn't cheat on you? Cheating never ends well, someone always gets hurt.

    • I could not have said this better myself. Don't get involved with this girl, you'll probably regret it later.

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