Why did he just leave me?

So let's say you go on tinder to just get some booty and meet a girl and you actually like her and want to spend more time with her
And as you date her more your feelings develope and you tell her you like her but the timing is bad to get into a rel so you pull away and say you don't have time for a relationship due to the fact that you are going away for three montha but you want to remain friends because you think she is a cool girl but you distance yourself from her.. but you are on tinder even though your not dating her..

So is he on tinder to get sex?
Did he lie or does he like me? He doesn't talk to me.. it hurts

He didn't say Its because he is going away I just assume that because he said he doesn't have the time


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  • It could be just a line of lingo from Getting into a Real relationship Nor be hooked a the hip. You never know what you will find on the other side of the computer curtain, however, with many of today's toms, online or off, they have the same string of stories when they do not want to Commit because ethey will get scared like a duck out of water.
    Sounds like he is looking for a casual fling thing, sweetie, and if he finds the party is over, he can always just use the lame duck excuse that he expected you to believe from the beginning.
    Good luck. xx

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