Girl a bit bigger in weight then the guy in a relationship is that strange? is that attractive or no?

I'm thinking on dating a guy but he's vegan and I'm not, which has made him really skinny and I'm I think 10 or 15 kilos heavier then him. is this not a good match because I may squash him or do guys like heavier curvier women as he is straight up and down

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  • No offence but this is a silly question. Your size or weight should not be any factor in a relationship. As long as you like each other and enjoy each others company.


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  • I don't think it's bad at all. Lots of guys are into bigger women, although our culture would say otherwise.

    As for my own personal opinion, I have been attracted to a larger girl once, but generally I prefer in-between. Not super thin, but not very large either. :P

  • I think it's cute. ^ _ ^
    I'm a skinny guy too and I'm fine with the girl weighing more. 10–15kg doesn't sound like much. Although u should still avoid sitting on him for too long, lol. ;P

    • It's not that I'm over weight at all im average weight for my hight it's just he's boney and skinny.
      But I'm glad at least i got one answer who doesn't mind curvier girls

  • I wouldn't personally feel comfortable to date a woman that was heavier than me, this might be because I'm into bodybuilding tho :)


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