What went wrong with this girl?

Started texting/talking/calling this girl for 3 months before meeting for first date. First date went well, kept talking. She invited me over her place the next time i saw her and we slept together. Next few days she talks about feelings, which I accept, but yet weeks go by without seeing her. I did ask her to see eachother again but she forgot, or said she was busy... even though she was talking about feelings to me. Then it just fellout, basically told me "I can't keep talking to you". wtf? Did she want me to make her my official girlfriend? Only after 2x of seeing eachother? I need at least more than 5-6 meetings to be sure... And i know it wasn't the sex, well because for one I knew I made her orgasm, and she told me I did... as well as saying she liked how rough I was. So what gives. My mind is just blown lol.. ladies?


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  • Lol it could be a number of things. Just ask her. If she would want to see you again she would've made the effort to. Ugh dating sucks. I'm sorry!

    • I dont understand you girls!! lol. If the sex and the feelings were there, why would she not see me again? she said things like "you know there's a lot of people interested in me" and things like that, that sounds to me like she wanted me to make her my girlfriend. But still only after 2x of seeing each other? didn't sound long or real enough to me.

    • Lol trust me I don't understand half of the things I do when I look back lol

      Sounds to me she just wants to play the field instead of being with just one person

  • Maybe y'all slept together too soon after meeting? That's all I could think of other than she's just not that interested in you.


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