I'm lonely, and loneliness hurts my chances of getting a girlfriend?

This is confusing. Let me start off with, I am confident. No doubt about it. I love myself, and I'm very sure of who I am. DESPITE THIS, I can not seem to get a single girl into my life, and have her want to stay.

So I'm very lonely. 98% of my life, if not more, I've been alone. But during most of that time, I could at least understand why, in hindsight. I was depressed, poor self image, low self esteem, I was a heavy drug user. Now I'm being the best me I can be, and I want a damn girlfriend. But NOPE! Can't seem to figure out why.

I suspect my main problem is I'm terrible at flirting through text, and I'm going through Facebook to find women.

Finding a woman isn't the only thing that occupies my time. I actually don't spend that much time on it. But it just bothers me that when I do, I fail. I just can't wrap my head around the "why?" I'm all about self improvement but shit, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm fucking awesome! Why can't they see that?

It just hurts. I hate being alone, but that's the way it always is. It's getting hard to not slip into depressive moods, which will only make things worse. My birthday was today, and I always get depressed around my birthday. It's just a reminder of how few people I have in my life. I just feel lost for an answer, I can't see why I can't manage to find just one girl to be interested in me, when some of my friends get a new girl every week. And they're assholes.

I'm rambling, but this should give you a good picture of my situation.


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  • I think you may be trying too hard, girls don't like it when you try too hard. I think you need to be happy being alone first, if you can't be happy being alone, you won't be truly be happy with someone, other wise when you do find someone. . You will be dating them for all the wrong reasons (just to not be alone)


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  • But don't rush into things just because you dont like being alone because if you go for the first person who wants you then that could end unwell.

    • You're from the U. K? Cool, always wanted to go there.

      I don't try to rush things. I do take things slow. But my complete lack of relationships make me unable to tell if a girl is right for me. There's this one who I thought would be perfect, we have the same values and attitude about life, similar interests, we were friends in high school, so we went on one date and I never heard from her again. There's this chick at work, 4 years younger than me, she's all over me. But the age difference bothers me. She's no where near as mature as me, but she's really cute, she's a dork. I like her, but I feel she's the only option in my life right now. I just don't think it would last, and I wouldn't want to hurt her, she's a good girl. There's others but they never get back at me.

    • Maybe there's a reason to that, maybe you haven't yet met the right girl for you. by the way relationships are overrated, so much work and sometimes come in the way of things that you should be focussing on... Good luck though and yes, England is great but I've always imagine the US to be a lot better, I envy you, lol

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