Has someone ever liked you but u didn't feel the same way, but then u give them a chance but things didn't work out and u called it off?

but then u realized u made mistake and turns out u do like them and want to give it another try but then they end up with someone else. but u have feelings for them. even though we werent bf/gf but u can't seem to get over it.


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  • You kinda fucked up by not being in touch with your feelings. Just let him know what you feel and see what he wants to do about it. If you come to an agreement, problem solved.


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  • Holy fuck, that was confusing. WHAT? Try punctuation...

    • sorry i was in a hurry. do u understand the question though?

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    • you pretty much know what i'm talking about right? i just need advice

    • If I had any clue what you were talking about, I would have answered you. Instead of telling you to clarify...4 times...

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  • I've never done that, but my friend has a lot of times. She either got over it by going out with another guy or she told the guy how she felt. It worked most of the time (the times it didn't work, it was for the best).