Why do I keep having limerence after limerence?

Okay I am 21 and have had only 3 guys I have truly liked in my high school.
Get this:

one was in elementary school I liked him from the 2nd- 6th grade

one in high school from 8th-12th grade

and Now i am in my fourth year of college and I have liked a guy since I was 18 and in my first year.

WHAT causes this? honestly.. and during this time i can't like other guys no matter how hard i try :(


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  • Maybe you are just psycho?

    • You're so thoughtful and intelligent.

    • sry, I find it hard to take anon questions seriously, b/c ya never know if they are trolling. So I assume they are.

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  • yes, just as normal as asking this question multiple times.


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