Why have the guys I've met recently do this?

I've never received compliments nor was I ever the one guys would fall for.
Over the years, I've gotten lots of compliments and guys would flirt with me a lot.
Seems that's how it starts.
We talk, joke around, laugh a lot, flirted a lot.
Then suddenly, they become distant or just do the disappearing act on me.
I don't understand
They make me feel wanted like if I'm a catch
Total dream girl
Then poof! Not as interested
Doesn't message fast or just isn't as happy to speak with me.
I don't get it, they were crazy and obsessed about me a few hours/days ago. Why do guys do this?


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  • I'm gonna say you're probably fairly attractive and that these boys are just trying to get a quick hookup or friends with benefits type of thing. Then when the going gets tough or takes too long they give up. Sure they may say tons of nice things and seem like they're trying really hard but its just a rouse to get in your heart/life.

  • Maybe you're sexualky attractive Nd intellectually incompatible?

    • I don't know what to do honestly. What's the point of being "gorgeous" "stunning" "hot" if in the end you don't keep the guy. They vanish ):

    • Sounds like you need a solid guy friend to help figure out what the deal is. Unless you can afford a psychologist? PM me and I'll try to help if you want

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