What do you think is a perfect date?

I think a perfect date to me would be watching an amazing action movie (romances make me cry too much), eating at a buffet and gaming would be cool. But, then there's my girly side. What do you think would be a good date?

  • Traditional dinner and a movie.
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  • Spice it up. Amusement parks, lazor tag, etc
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  • My last date was going grocery shopping for dinner, I cooked dinner at her place, we had some wine, talked a lot, gave her a massage and an orgasm, then sex in the shower. Way better and cheaper than "dinner and a movie" and nothing was either masculine or feminine in nature. Just romantic and honest.
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    • I agree. The point is to enjoy time with each other. Don't let the event over power the date in a way that prevents you from establishing/maintaining that bond.

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  • I'd try doing something together as a group, so you can see if your date interacts well with people, especially your friends.. and can handle situations where unpredictable things happen.

  • Well I like the gaming idea but I think my ideal date is something laid back, just laying in bed or on a couch watching a movie or playing games. I think id like that :).


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