Need advice about talking to this girl?

So I really like this girl but I barely know her, I see her in the halls at school, the first time I saw her I was stunned and we both locked eyes as we walked by each other. But its been a few weeks now and for some reason I can't work up the courage to talk to her, every time I see her I like stop breathing and am just to scared to say anything.. I know it sounds crazy but its just what happens. Would it be okay just to say "Hey" and smile to start off with or do I need to stop her and get into a conversation right away? Also I'm even more nervous when she is with her friends, would it still be okay to say "hey" then or should I wait until she is walking alone? And also just some general advice would help.


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  • I think that talking to her when she's by herself will be less intimidating. And yes a simple "hey" to start with is fine but make sure you keep talking or it'll turn awkward. Haha :) good luck!

    • So your saying I should just say hey at first but another time actually start a conversation?

    • No hun I'm telling you to have a short but sweet conversation in mind after you say "hey" to her so you don't freeze up. Make sure to compliment her somewhere in there because she will definitely remember that :)

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