Have you ever seen an "odd couple" like this last?

I'm just curious, I'm surprised is all.
He is such a great guy and he's into video games and smokes weed, very laid back and intelligent. He has tattoos and wears alternative clothing.
She is very outgoing and social and looks EXACTLY like Kate Middleton. Looks a bit older than him, like she could be his mom. Very squeaky clean.

Just seems so mismatched. He isn't with her often. He told me after 6 months she was only just then becoming a girlfriend. He also stays in touch with me a lot. I keep my distance. I'm just scratching my head on what's up. (He's a great guy but only ever a friend to me).

I have never looked at a couple and wondered so much how they're together. Anyone see these types of couples lasting?

Already people are reading beyond what I'm asking. He is absolutely not my type, I am not attracted to him. I'm just asking.
Why would I lie? It doesn't make sense. I'm laughing over here because it's just funny how people latch onto an idea, like you want to be discouraging but I'm not discouraged because I'd never be able to see him more than a friend. The guy is nice but just zero percent my type. Hello? Can I make that any more clear?


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  • Uhm... people with different personalities make it all the time.

    ain't you ever heard of "opposites attract"?

    You kinda sound jealous or upset that he is with her, not you.

    It's ok, feel free to deny.

    • Feel free to deny what?

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    • He is not my type, I'm not interested in him.

    • lol. so you claim. But reading your stuff makes you sound otherwise. Maybe you should learn to word it better. And your disclaimer doesn't change my mind.

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  • Differences between individuals are what make relationships special.

  • Sounds like you're jealous

  • You say you are nit interested in him but I believe you are. If your description is accurate I do not see them lasting long anyway.


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  • When you like someone you never think theyre correctly matched with their SO.

    • You think they sound "correctly matched"? He's not my type

    • they don't sound mismatched to be honest.

  • Matching well together doesn't really matter where you come from or how you dress. Although I did slowly get rid of all his clothes I didn't like and got him new stuff lol good thing he's not picky about clothes.