What does she want from me? Confused AF?

This girl I know flirts with me A LOT and she always messages me first and that sort of thing like she's interested in me but I've been staying away from her because even though she does these, she goes out partying almost every weekend, makes out with random guys and then tells me about it (Even though she said she's drunk when these things happen, I don't find it's a good excuse) and sometimes her and her friends talk about other guys in front of me. I don't want to catch feelings for someone like that because it just sounds like too much stress being put on me but when i'm with her and we go out, I like her dating potential but there's soo many red flags. Basically I just wanted to know what do you guys think she wants from me?


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  • She's interested and is really trying to grab your attention in the most immature ways. I don't think this is a definite indicator that she will be wild and disloyal, but she is definitely inexperienced when it comes to how she handles getting attention. She may not see anything serious and just has the attitude to explore. I would wait and maybe advance a little, but keep in mind that even if she is interested, she may not be mature enough to develop a healthy stress-free relationship.

    • Thanks for your opinion :) & she's also told me that she's never had a boyfriend before but I think that's mainly because she went to an all-girls high school

    • She sure acts like she's caught up in the new dating excitement. It takes people one solid relationship to approach the beginning of a new one maturely. You may just have to be considerate of that if you like her. Somebody has to be her first!

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  • I'm going to be honest and say that one of my friend's is just like this with the heavy flirting, partying, and hooking up with random people and I hate to say it but it sounds like it's just part of her personality like my friend's. Some girls are just looking for fun, but if you are looking for more (like you are) it may not be best if you get involved with her if you don't want to get hurt. If she is leading you on like this, I think you should definitely confont her. I would also usually say to casually ask if she's interested, which you can totally do if you want, but I'm not sure if I would want to get involved with her if I was you because she doesn't seem committed. That's just my spin on it, good luck xxxx

    • Thanks for your opinion :) and I agree and other people that know her are telling me something like you just told me but I feel like i'm just tired of being single that's why I'm considering even trying to make it work with her but I don't know :/

    • Whatever you do don't settle for a relationship just because you don't want to be single, you just have to find the person that will treat you right and you connect with. It's really hard, believe me I've been through it but in the end you don't want to waste your time being with someone who doesn't value as much as they should instead of being with someone who makes you happy. I know it's annoying af to hear but you just have to be patient and yourself. You seem like a great guy, I bet you will find someone soon who will treat you like you deserve to be and when they do you'll be glad you didn't just accept something/ someone.

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