Should I trust him completely?

So me and my bf live a hour and a half apart but I'm the only one who drives and my mom doesn't like me borrowing her car. We've been dating a month and only seen each other once, though we do Skype and play xbox together almost everyday. The thing I'm having trouble with though is that he has started back in school (he was homeschooled) and that he'll have more temptations now because he has cheated in the past, not on me but on his ex. I want to trust him but I also don't want to get hurt again. So basically my question is should I start out trusting him completely or should I have him earn my trust?


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  • they say once a cheater is always a cheater, and such a young age means that he has no self control. i would give him more time before committing your heart fully. its only been a month and beleive me when i say that a month is not long at alll. i know your young mind probably is head over heels for him, but you gota stay cautious. being young is hard. being older is harder

    • thanks so much, that's great advice and I feel more at ease now :)

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